Toshiko &Taeko Takashima

Toshiko Takashima

Born at Osaka, Japan
Learn tatting, knitting from sisters at childhood
Learn Ribbon embroidery from Shizue Sanda, French embroidery from Leonie Miura, Knitting from Yasuko Uga and Continuity lace from Kazuko Yamashita

  • 1974 Published the book “Takashima Tatting”
  • 1976 Performed tatting on NHK( Japan broadcast) TV program Fujin-Hyakka at Feb
    Held Work Exhibition at Mitsukoshi Department store
  • 1978 Got a patent for hook tatting tool called Takashima-bari and also 
    patent received for Hook tatting method of chain by using Takashima-bari. 
  • 1980 Published the book “Hook Tatting” from Vogue Nippon
  • 1986 Held the Work Exhibition at Junkudo at Paris
  • 1998 Attended at Ring of Tatters tatting day at England and introduced Takashima tatting 
  • 2008 Joined Horstmar International Tatting Exhibition in Germany 
  • Since 1988 hold the work exhibition at Ashiya city every each year. 
  • Every year joined the hobby show at Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya
    Member of Ring of Tatters, Japan Tatting Association 
高嶋 寿子・妙子

Taeko Takashima

Born in Kobe. She has been learning knitting and embroidery since childhood under her mother, Hisako. While working for a foreign airline, Hisako began learning Takashima tatting techniques. After retiring from the company in 2002, he taught classes in various locations as Takashima Tatting’s successor. Together with Hisako, she participates in fairs around the country and the International Tatting Exhibition in Germany every year.

  • October 2, 2015: Becomes representative of Takashima Tatting due to the death of Toshiko Takashima
  • Vogue Gakuen Tokyo classroom instructor, Sankei Gakuen instructor, Member of Japan Tatting Association and Ring of Tatters in the UK